boat Founded in 1972, Maravia Rafts of Boise, Idaho, is a leading manufacturer of inflatable rafts for the river-running industry. Through such continuing technical advancements as Thermofused™ Seam Construction and Urethane Seamless Encapsulation, Maravia has become broadly recognized as the industry innovator -- always working to build a better boat.

Maravia's products range from catarafts to heavy-duty commercial models. These rafts have served the test of time well, enabling professional outfitters and private river runners alike to float virtually millions of river miles, from China's Yangtze to Idaho's Selway, from Chile's Bio-Bio to West Virginia's Gauley.

boat After 33 years of raft building, George Aragon, President of Maravia, tells us his job is simply living up to their telephone number: 1-800-TOP-RAFT. Judging from customer feedback, he's doing a great job. Maravia uses a process called "Seamless Encapsulation" coating each raft in multiple layers of urethane. Maravia now has over 5,000 encapsulated rafts in the water.

This gives Maravia the best in the industry resistance to abrasion from rocks and sand, chafing of frames and gear, resistance to UV and low maintenance. Urethane encapsulated rafts are just tougher boats that require less maintenance. Perhaps that is why, despite an ever-increasing number of rafts in our customer's hands, our operations maintains an incredible shrinking repair department.

Our headquarters sit on the banks of the Boise River. Drop by anytime.