Installing a new C-7 valve

If your valve in your raft has gone bad or has broken, it might be your only option to update your raft or cataraft with a Leafield C7 valve.  Some of the valves used in raft manufacturing have become obsolete and unavailable, where all the major manufacturers today are using the Leafield C-7 valve.  At Maravia, we have been using this valve throughout our raft and cataraft production since 1999.

Instructions on Installing a new Leafield valve

C-7 valve

1. Remove the old valve, using the appropriate valve tool.

2. Cut slit on both sides of the hole (this helps you remove the boot that is left on the inside of the tube).  If the valve is older, you may have a recessed plastic valve boot.  In this case, cut away the exposed portion of the recessed boot.

3. Remove old valve boot (bottom part of valve) from the tube.

4. Place the new C-7 valve boot into hole and push to the side (inside the tube) to allow a flat surface for patching purposes.

5. Purchase a C-7 valve patch(this is a regular patch, with a small hole in it to fit the male end of the valve), item # 0671-VP from Cascacde Outfitters and prep area for the new valve patch.

6. Glue in new valve patch.

7. Let cure overnight.

8. Re-align the valve boot and screw in new valve.

9. Tighten the C-7 with a C-7 valve wrench and inflate.

Repair C7 Wrench/Pusher

10. Tighten again once on air and check for leaks around patch and valve.

With a new valve, you are ready to hit the water again!  We always recommend carrying a spare valve, if not for you, someone else might need the help.

Questions?  Call Maravia Repair at 800-867-7238