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Get info. on river flows from the experts and the locals.

You are probably intimately familiar with finding the information for your favorite runs. However, if you've got your outfit loaded up and have decided to hit the road for some new and different horizons, getting the right river flows will eliminate any potential surprises. The phone numbers below should help you out. Some of these phone numbers will give you exactly what you are looking for, and others will steer you in the right direction.

A friendly call to the local boating club, outfitter, or river equipment store nearest to the place of your intended fun is always a good idea.

Not only will you get a good water level reading, the local boaters can tell you what that reading means ... "Oh, sure it's been run at that level ... but not very often ..."

USGS REaltime National Water Info


Arizona (Salt River) (602) 236-8888, (Grand Canyon) (800) 752-8525 California Department of Water Resources (916) 653-9647 Colorado "Water Talk" (303) 831-7135 Idaho Department of Water Resources (208) 327-7865 National Weather Service (NWS) (208) 334-9867 New Mexico BLM (505) 758-8148 USGS (505) 262-5388 Montana USGS (406) 449-5263, Montana Power (800) 247-9131, Montana NWS (406) 697-6988 Texas Water Resources USGS (512) 482-5766 Utah NWS (801) 539-1311 Wyoming Flow Phone (307) 733-5452, NWS (307) 635-9901 Washington NOAA Whitewater Hotline (206) 526-8530


Michigan Water Resources USGS (517) 377-1608 Minnesota Water Resources USGS (612) 725-7841 Wisconsin Water Resources USGS (608) 262-2488


Connecticut Water Resources USGS (203) 244-2528 Massachusetts and Vermont Water Resources USGS (617) 223-2822 Maine Water Resources USGS (207) 622-8208 New Hampshire Water Resources USGS (603) 225-4681 New York Water Resources USGS (518) 472-3107


Alabama Water Resources USGS (205) 752-8104 Arkansas Water Resources USGS (501) 378-6391 Kentucky Water Resources USGS (502) 582-5241 Maryland Water Resources USGS (301) 828-1535 North Carolina Water Resources USGS (919) 755-4510 Pennsylvania Water Resources USGS (717) 782-4514 South Carolina Water Resources USGS (803) 765-5966 Tennessee Water Resources USGS (615) 251-5424 Virginia Water Resources USGS (804) 771-2427 West Virginia Water Resources USGS (304) 347-5130

* Many runs in the East are dam-controlled releases by the Army Corps of Engineers. You can access the local number for them by calling the National Public Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 272-0010.

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