All Maravia Cataraft models are built with the same super-strong Maravia Class VI base fabric and encapsulated with a seamless coating of liquid urethane. They are sleek, stable and durable. The continuous curve design tapers from the center of the main tube, out to the reinforced cones at either end.

These hydrodynamic tapered ends make easy work of punching through waves. Cataraft tip rise is enhanced to 5” above the tubes for improved performance on waves and in hydraulics.

Pick your Cataraft size to match your needs and anticipated loads. The first number in each name indicates the length of the tubes and the second number indicates the center tube diameter. The smallest Maravia Cat is the light and lively 12x20 with a 545 pound load capacity.

Weight capacity for Cats is useful only for comparing the capacity of one model versus another. Heavy loads significantly affect cataraft maneuverability. In that condition, they will not be as "cat-like" as you may desire, but they will be very stable.

In any Cat, there is a trade- off between load and performance. Each Maravia Cat has two chambers per tube. The 12x20 has 3 d-rings on each tube side, and 1 on each end (8 per tube, 16 per set)

12 x 20

SKU: 0078-12

Spec Sheet


Length:  12'

Tube Size:  20"

Bow/Stern Rise:  24"

Straight Section:  69"

Weight Per Tube:  25 lbs.

Chambers Per Tube:  2

D-Rings Per Tube:  8

Capacity:  545 lbs.

Water Line:  46"

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