Screaming on the Lochsa Surf Wave or a quiet morning on your favorite trout stream, this is a one-person fun toy - Cool waterline curves spin on a dime and give you change!

Play a little, carry a little! A personal favorite of many of the staff - Whether a day float for two or a long trip for one person and gear, the 14x22 is cutting edge entertainment!

Smooth curved bow and stern profiles on this highly maneuverable cataraft cut the water more like a hard hull and gives better handling characteristics. Made of Maravia's tough Class VI material, coated with durable urethane, and a 10-year warranty.

14 x 22

SKU: 0078-14P

Spec Sheets


Length:  14'

Tube Size:  22"

Bow/Stern Rise:  26"

Straight Section:  82"

Weight Per Tube:  31 lbs.

Chambers Per Tube:  2

D-Rings Per Tube:  10

Handles Per Tube: 2

Capacity:  825 lbs.

Water Line:  72"

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