Get your mind on hauling the load downstream! That's what Chubasco is all about - They've been used as a Sweep Boat in Idaho, as the center boat on an S rig in Utah and even a monster oar rig - Wherever a pure cargo boat is needed, the Chubasco runs hard and strong. Available with no floor, a fabric floor, an inflatable self-bailing floor, or other custom features - Just let us know! The Chubasco features fourteen 2.5" D-rings, six air chambers, a full 10-year warranty, Maravia's TOUGH Class VI base fabric and the best URETHANE coating on the market - over 40 times the abrasion resistance of PVC and over 15 times the abrasion resistance of Hypalon.  Call Maravia for details on making this your dream sweep! 

Chubasco | 19'

SKU: 0082

Spec Sheet


Length:  19'

Width:  8'4"

Tube Size:  28"

Thwart Size:  N/A

Bow/Stern Rise:  12"

Straight Section:  100"

Weight:  245 lbs.

# of Chambers:  4

# of D-Rings:  16

# of Knuckles:  N/A

# of Thwarts:  N/A

Handles:  0

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