The versatile Cyclone is the same size as Maravia's popular Williwaw 1.5 model but has a diminishing bow design with a standard 7 piece rounded stern. As a paddle boat the stern is a great platform for a sitting guide, or a stern mounted frame. The diminished tube front offers reduced wind resistance, exceptional wave punching power and more interior room. The Cyclone also works well as a center mounted oar rig. Priced here with 2 thwarts.

Cyclone | 15'

SKU: 0069-CY

Length:  15’

Width:  7’

Tube Size:  21/16”

Thwart Size:  12"

Bow/Stern Rise:  16"

Straight Section:  80"

Weight:  145 lbs.

# of Chambers:  4

# of D-Rings:  10

# of Knuckles:  4 pair

# of Thwarts:  2

Handles:  4

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