The Diablo has tubes that reduce in size from 20" on the side to 16" in the bow and stern to create a lower profile in windy environments, to punch waves easily and for extra room in the bow and stern for gear and people.


The Diablo is 14 feet long and 6'3" wide, an excellent size for either paddle or oar use. As a paddleboat it can hold up to 7 people or as an oar boat 3-4 is max depending on the amount of cargo you bring along.The Diablo comes standard with attachments for a three thwarts.

*Thwarts sold separately*

Diablo | 14'

SKU: 0073

Spec Sheet


Length:  14'

Width:  6'3"

Tube Size:  20/16"

Thwart Size:  12"

Bow/Stern Rise:  14"

Straight Section:  84"

Weight:  115 lbs.

# of Chambers:  3

# of D-Rings:  10

# of Knuckles:  3 pair

# of Thwarts:  2

Handles:  4

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