Take a Williwaw 2, stretch it out, and you have a variations that offers additional functions from a classic design. The Tempest 2 makes excellent oar powered cargo rafts when two or more thwarts are removed. The Tempest is often seen on the Middle Fork in a gear rig pulling in back, oar station in the middle and paddlers up front configuration. The Tempest 2 with four thwarts is also popular in big water paddle applications on the New and Gauley Rivers in West Virginia, or big water in Maine.

*Thwarts sold separately*

Tempest 2 | 16'10"

SKU: 0070

Spec Sheet


Length:  16'10"

Width:  7'6"

Tube Size:  22"

Thwart Size:  15"

Bow/Stern Rise:  12"

Straight Section:  100"

Weight:  167 lbs.

# of Chambers:  4

# of D-Rings:  10

# of Knuckles:  4 pair

# of Thwarts:  4

Handles:  0

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