This one’s YOUR baby! The Willy-Willy was created for you and by you. The new design is inspired by one of our most popular rafts, the Williwaw 1. You asked for it, so we filled the gap between the narrower Diablo and the wider Zephyr. The Willy-Willy is perfectly sized to accommodate a 40” drybox and larger cooler. Since the straight section is longer than the Williwaw 1, you may choose to fit oversized boxes or use the extra space for leg room. Row it with 4 or paddle with 7. Let the Willy-Willy take you downstream!

*Thwarts sold separately*

Willy-Willy | 14'

SKU: 0069-WW

Spec Sheet


Length:  14'

Width:  6'9"

Tube Size:  20/16"

Thwart Size:  12"

Bow/Stern Rise: 14"

Straight Section:  84"

Weight:  130 lbs

# of Chambers:  4

# of D-Rings:  10

# of Knuckles:  3 sets

# of Thwarts:  2

Handles:  4

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